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购物指南 Shopping Guides

以下是网上订购的步骤 Below are the steps of online shopping at our bookshop:

Step 1: 在主页点击您要订购的产品,然后它会进入内页。 In Home, click on your wanted product, then it'll enter to inter page.


Step 2: 请选择您要的类型,然后点击Add to Cart。Please select your option, then click "Add to Cart".


Step 3: 如果还要购买其他物品,请在您的购物篮里点击 Continue Shopping,然后再回去主页。If you still need to buy another product, in your shopping cart, please click "Continue Shopping", then back to Home page.


Step 4: 点击所要购买的产品,进入内页,选择您要的类型,点击Add to Cart。Click on your wanted product, enter to inter page, select your option, click "Add to Cart".


Step 5: 回到购物篮,如果您已经购物完毕,请点击CHECKOUT。Back to your shopping cart, if you consider to finish shopping, please click "CHECKOUT".


Step 6: 点击Create New Account如果您还未注册,填妥全部资料然后登入;如果您已经注册,请点击Sign in。Click "Create New Account" if you haven't register before, fill up all the necessary details then sign in. If you already register, please key-in your email address and password then click "Sign In".


Step 7: 仔细检查个人资料是否正确, 然后选择Shipped to residence或Shipped to business。Check your personal details carefully, then select "Shipped to residence" or "Shipped to business".


Step 8: 选择 Direct Bank In 或 iPay88 (Credit Card, Alliance Online Transfer, Ambank, CIMB click, FPX, Hong Leong Bank Transfer, Maybank2U, Meps Cash, Mobile Money, Web Cash或RHB),然后点击Next。Select "Direct Bank-in" or "iPay88", then click "Next".


Step 9: 选择您要的邮寄类型:GD Express, Pos Malaysia Dosmestic Parcel Rates或Pos Malaysia Document Local Rates。Select your prefered post type.


Step 10: 这时就会出现完整的订购单,然后点击Next。Now the screen appears a completed order details, then click "Next".


*如果您是选择Direct Bank in,当您已将有关数额存入我们公司的户口,请将您的Bank in Slip传真给我们,以下是相关资料:If you are choosing "Direct Bank In", please fax or email your bank-in slip to us after you banked in your order amount to our company account. Below is our related information: 


 Bank: CIMB Bank
Account No: 800 699 1969
Account Name: Exact Publisher Sdn Bhd


Bank: Bank Simpanan Nasional
Account No: 14195 41 0000 52390
Account Name: Exact Publisher Sdn Bhd

然后,把 Bank in slip传或电邮至:Then, fax or email your bank in slip to:
Fax : 03 62701599 (Attn to: Ms Chye)


 *如果您是选择iPay88,这时会出现一个画面要您选择网上付款方式:Credit Card, Alliance Online Transfer, Ambank, CIMB click, FPX, Hong Leong Bank Transfer, Maybank2U, Meps Cash, Mobile Money, Web Cash或RHB,然后点击Click here to Pay再填入您的相关资料即可。If you are choosing "iPay88", now the screen appears to let you choose your online payment method, then click "Click here to Pay" & fill up your related information.



Step 11: 点击Click here to confirm your purchase(这时,您会被要求填入您的相关资料。如果是用信用卡付款,将会被要求输入3D Code。)。Click "Click here to confirm your purchase"(At here, you are been requested to to type in your related information. If pay by credit card, it'll be requested to key-in 3D code.). 


Step 12: 然后您就会在您的邮箱收到Order Received的邮件。After that, you will receive an order received email in your mailbox.




*如果您是通过网上付款的,将会通过相关网站收到收款通知和来自我们网站的Order Confirmed邮件。如果到了第二天都还没有收到Order Confirmed的邮件,请立刻拨电联络Ms Chye Tel:03-62752300 (工作时间【星期一至五】:10:00am - 12:30pm,1:30pm - 6:00pm 【星期六】:9am - 1pm)。If you paid online, you'll receive an order confirmation email from us immediately.




*如果您是直接通过银行将现金存入本公司的户口,我们会在收到您的存款单副本后寄一封Order Confirmed的邮件通知您。If you paid as Direct Bank in, we'll send you an order confirmation email when we received your bank-in slip copy.



Step 13: 当我们寄出您所订购的产品,您将会收到Shipped的邮件。如果在收到这电邮一个星期后还未收到您所订购的产品,请电邮通知我们。我们会适时处理。When we shipped your order, you'll receive a "Shipped" email. If you haven't receive the parcel after received our email a week ago, please contact us and we'll try to solve it for you. 


谢谢您的支持,祝您购物愉快!Thank you for your support, enjoy your shopping!









答:这是因为您还未激活(Activate)您的3D Code(为了保障您在网上购物的密码),您需要通过银行职员激活您的3D Code,当您收到银行寄给您的3D Code后才可以使用它在我们网上书店购物。




1. 信用卡:Online payment via ipay88
(Visa or Mastercard)


2. 银行入账或转账:bank-in or account transfer
Bank: CIMB Bank
Account No: 800 699 1969
Account Name: Exact Publisher Sdn Bhd
然后,把Bank in slip传或电邮至:
Faks : 03 62701599 (Attn to: Ms Chye)




Ms Chye Tel:03-62752300 Online Bookstore,
Faks : 03 62701599 (Attn to: Ms Chye)





 Q1: What kind of payment options do <> offer ?A:<> offers a variety of payment options as below:


        Online payment via ipay88 (Visa or Mastercard).

  Offline bank-in (cash) payable to <<Exact Publisher Sdn Bhd>>, please find our bank account information below:
Bank: <<CIMB Bank>>
Account No: <<800 699 1969>>
Account Name: <<Exact Publisher Sdn Bhd>>
After bank-in, please email us the scanned copy of the payment slip or fax it to us at << 03 62701599 Attn to: Ms Chye>> with the following details:

1.Order reference no.
2. Your name and contact no.
3. Payment amount and indicate if cash.
4. Date and time of bank in.
Please note that order will only be processed after the cash is deposited.


For enquiry, kindly please call our customer service officer Ms Chye at Tel:03-62752300 Online Bookstore,


Faks : 03 62701599 (Attn to: Ms Chye)